Climbing our Mesa
Which Way to Go?



Blue Route – Mostly southern exposure helps keep this route clear during Winter months.
1. From Highway 70, turn onto Camelot Drive.
2. Proceed THROUGH the castle Gate approximately 1/8 mile.
3. Turn Left onto WARWICK DR.
4. Follow Warwick to where it “Tees” with Guenevere (Approx. 1 mi.)
5. Turn LEFT and follow Guenevere to where it “Tees” with Excalibur (approx. 1 mi.)
6. Turn RIGHT onto Excalibur Rd.
7. Turn LEFT into Tiara Del Sol parking area. (approx. 1/2 mile)

Gray Route – Snow and Ice patches remain longer after a winter storm along this route
1. Immediately BEFORE passing through the castle gate, turn RIGHT onto CROWN Drive.
2. Ignore the several opportunities to be diverted onto side roads as you proceed.
3. At “The Other Condo Place” (Crown Point Condos), the name of the road changes from Crown Drive to Excalibur Rd.
4. Turn LEFT to continue on Excalibur Rd. for approximately 1/2 mile.
5. Turn RIGHT into the Tiara Del Sol parking area.